Sharing quality of life with loved ones

“A Breath of Hope” Tales from our Table Recipes and Story Book
Tasting moments of life with you

Do you remember the moment when you shared a meal with your friends and family?
We love delicious food, but the stories shared during a meal are more memorable.
A Breath of Hope invited lung cancer patients and their friends and families to share heart-warming stories and their best recipes.
The story behind each dish is unique and encompasses the bitters and sweets of life.
We would like to thank the lung cancer patients, caregivers, and supporters who shared their recipes and heartwarming stories with us to compile this meaningful recipes and story book. The book not only helps the public learn more about the disease and the journey of lung cancer patients and caregivers, but also encourages others on the same path to achieve Quality of Survival during their treatment journey.

Introducing “A Breath of Hope” Tales from our Table Recipes and Story Book to everyone who supports lung cancer patients. In the book, you will find:
  • 24 selected heart-warming stories and recipes
  • Celebrity chef Denice Wai’s recipes and cooking tips
  • Tips and sharing by Clinical Oncologists
  • Professional advice by a registered dietitian
Every dollar of the book sales will be donated to charity group, Cancerinformation.com.hk Charity Foundation, to support cancer care for patients.
Pricing: HK$120 per copy

In addition to purchasing the book at the Cancer Information office (Address: Flat B, 8/F, Mow Hing Industrial Building, 205 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong), you can also fill in the online order form and the book will be directly mailed to your home!

You can also purchase the book at designated bookstores and online sales outlets, including:
  1. Joint Publishing, Chung Hwa Book, The Commercial Press and other major bookstores
  2. My Book One
    Website: www.mybookone.com.hk
Join us in supporting lung cancer patients and caregivers to achieve quality life!

HK-4174 06/08/2020