Patient and Caregiver Stories

Patient and Caregiver Stories

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Patient and Caregiver Stories

Watch patient and caregivers’ stories on living with lung cancer

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Lung cancer can affect anyone unexpectedly and it has a profound impact, not just on the patient but their caregivers, family members and friends.

Pui Sze is a lung cancer patient who was diagnosed with lung adenocarcinoma even though she has a fit and healthy lifestyle. She is now living with the realities of lung cancer and dealing with new challenges every day. Veteran Hong Kong singer Elisa Chan experienced the worry of being a caregiver and looking after a close family member who was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Pui Sze and Elisa Chan share their personal stories to shed light on the challenges they face, as well as the support that we can offer to help them obtain quality of survival. Dr. Siu-Kie Au, President of the Hong Kong Lung Cancer Study Group, also shares his views on the impacts of the pandemic on lung cancer patients and how the public can provide virtual support and raise funds through participating in the #ABreathOfHope Challenge.

Elisa Chan, Pui Sze and Dr. Au sharing stories on living with lung cancer and encouraging public to learn more about the disease.


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The Journey of Lung Cancer Patients and Their Caregivers
Dealing with a lung cancer diagnosis is a learning process for both the patient and their caregiver. From the perspectives of a caregiver, patient, and doctor, Elisa Chan, Pui Sze, and Dr. Au are here to share with us their insights on ways to deal with lung cancer with a positive attitude.

COVID-19: Walking with Lung Cancer Patients
COVID-19 has tremendously affected everyone's life, and the impact of the pandemic on lung cancer patients is even greater. Pui Sze and Dr. Au are here to share with us how we can support lung cancer patients during this pandemic.

HK-5143 08/03/2021