Spread Hope to Lung Cancer Patients and Caregivers by Sponsoring Free Rides!

The Challenge

Spread hope to patients and caregivers by giving out free rides!
What is the #ABreathOfHope Challenge?

Lung cancer can hit anyone unexpectedly, without warning and regardless of lifestyle. The random nature of lung cancer has a huge impact on the quality of life of patients, as well as their family and friends.

Transport and getting around can be tricky for patients and caregivers sometimes. A Breath of Hope wants to make it easier and hassle-free for lung cancer patients and their caregivers when they are visiting the doctor.

That’s why we have launched #ABreathofHope Challenge on Facebook and Instagram to raise awareness of lung cancer and call out for everyone to support patients and caregivers by sharing their breath of hope!

How does the #ABreathOfHope Challenge support patients and caregivers?

We partnered with the Hong Kong Cancer Fund to support the lung cancer community. From 22 February to 23 March 2021, general public could use the #ABreathOfHope filter on Facebook or Instagram to blow on a virtual dandelion to spread the word and raise funds for lung cancer patients and their families, supporting them and their caregivers for a better quality of life, providing them with resources and support to attend doctor’s visits!

Established in 1987, the Hong Kong Cancer Fund provides free cancer services and timely cancer-related information for patients, caregivers and the general public with the vision to improve the quality of cancer support in Hong Kong, ensuring no individual will have to face cancer alone.

For every five people participating in the #ABreathOfHope Challenge within the campaign period, A Breath of Hope would donate HK$50 to the Hong Kong Cancer Fund to support patients’ and caregivers’ transportation needs and provide them with a better Quality of Survival (QoS).

We are pleased with the success of the campaign. During the campaign period, 10,779 people have participated in the #ABreathOfHope Challenge, supporting the Hong Kong Cancer Fund, in relieving pressure from the lives of lung cancer patients and their caregivers. We would like to thank everyone again for their support!

Continuing the Support for Lung Cancer Patients and their Caregivers
Although the campaign period has ended, we hope that everyone continues to support lung cancer patients and their caregivers, using the #ABreathOfHope Challenge filter to spread the word. Your participation and sharing are the biggest support for the lung cancer community.

Follow 4 simple steps to participate in the Challenge:
  1. Try out the #ABreathOfHope filter on Facebook or Instagram.
  2. Blow the virtual dandelion for up to 15 seconds.
  3. Tag your friends to join the challenge and add the hashtag #ABreathOfHope after completing the Challenge.
  4. Upload the Story and tag four friends asking them to join in.

Immense support to the lung cancer community

A number of celebrities including Elisa Chan has supported the challenge already and had fun with the #ABreathOfHope filter. Click the photo below to try out the Instagram filter!

Alternatively, you can scan the QR codes with your mobile phone to open the #ABreathOfHope Challenge filter directly.

QR code to the Instagram filter

QR code to the Facebook filter

As a lung cancer patient caregiver, Elisa Chan has also joined lung cancer patient Pui Sze to share their stories on living with lung cancer, click here to watch the videos!

HK-5324 28/4/2021